Christmas Eve Dinner in Naples

The main Christmas tradition, and an essential ritual for all families, is to cook and eat like this would be everyone’s last meal.
The dinner menu on Christmas Eve has well-defined characteristics, being dominated by fish, in contrast with the Christmas Menu, which consists mainly of vegetables and meat.
Both Christmas Eve and Christmas menus include the same set of traditional Christmas cakes and desserts, which are the object of a secret fierce competition among the bakers of the family…


Chickpeas, Cherry Tomatoes and Black Olives Salad (Original Italian Recipe)

This Mediterranean recipe is not only healthy, for its high content of fibres and vitamins, but extremely easy to make and tasty.
In Italy is either used as a side, or as a summer main course.
It can be prepared in advance and it’s a wonderful dish for a picnic or garden party.

How to make Rosemary Focaccia (Real Italian Recipe)

  Focaccia is one of the most common¬†italian oven- baked bread products. Similar in style and texture to pizza dough, but slightly taller and softer, this is one of the easiest italian recipes and can be used as an appetiser, side dish or sandwich bread. It is also a tasty, cheap and easy to make…